Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Sweet Vacation Part 2

I consider myself quite open minded about some of the traditions that have cropped up in Michigan over the last few years. We are notorious for our classic car shows...after all we were the automobile hub of America for many years!  However on this trip we experienced something that I never even imagined I would ever see.  The day before we arrived we had been told that there would be an Owosso Tractor Parade over the Mackinac Bridge.  It turns out that is was more tractors than just those from Owosso, (which is our hometown) but for the entire weekend we were seeing those tractors on trailers and flatbed trucks.

Now, on Saturday evening, there was an even more amazing site...a lighted Trucker's Parade over the bridge!  The semi's came across the bridge with their trailers and cabs all lit with neon lights in a caravan across the was quite a sight to see.  However, when they crossed the bridge they continued driving through Mackinaw City blowing their horns as loud and long as possible!  What a traffic jam they created in town and then they drove back across the bridge again to St. Ignace!

We all decided that this was about the most redneck event that you can find in Michigan!  It was a very bright and loud hour and what a way to spend your Saturday evening!

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