Sunday, August 21, 2011

Greetings from Michigan!

Are you a traveler?  Do you like a mix of history and scenic beauty?  Then you need to plan a trip to Michigan!  August is the height of blueberry season in Michigan's Lower Pennisula, (the mitten) and they are plump and juicy!  We are having an unusual summer, as are most areas of the U.S. this summer, however the farmers say the berries are great.

Where should you head to for those juicy, blue morsels?  The shoreline of Lake Michigan is packed with fruit farms and stands.  You can hardly go 10 miles without seeing a U-pick billboard  or a farm stand.  However, there is another great place to find blueberries and that is the little town of Montrose in mid-Michigan.  This week has been their Blueberry Festival and the farms are at their peak.

So, if you are looking for a beautiful drive on the way to your next blueberry pie, take a drive to our fabulous "mitten" and see what other little surprises we have in store for you!

I'm off to wash up the 5 lbs. that I bought at the farmer's market yesterday!  Life is so SWEET in Michigan!