Friday, August 3, 2012

Have you planned your last big fling of the summer?  If you haven't considered a beach in Michigan, here are a few facts to consider!

There are 3,288 miles of Great Lakes shoreline in Michigan, including islands and connecting rivers; the most of any state except Alaska!  Lake Michigan has 1, 058 miles of shoreline, Lake Huron has 934 miles, the Lake Superior coast has 917 miles in Michigan and the Lake Erie coast has 54 miles in our great state! 

In a survey of America's best lakes, Lake Charlevoix came in second only to Lake Tahoe, California!
Saugatuck's Oval Beach on Lake Michigan is a top-rated beach and Sleeping Bear Dunes, also on Lake Michigan was the winner in the ranking of top five Great Lakes beaches in 2011.  My little sister and her hubby would challenge anyone that Grand Haven's beach, (once again on Lake Michigan) is the best to be found.

However, this Michigan girl has three favorite beaches in our fair state.  The first is anywhere between Oscoda and Alpena on the Lake Huron shoreline.  Next is Lake Superior, Pictured Rocks National Shoreline with it's crystal clear waters, gorgeous rock formations and wonderful excursions.
But my favorite is the beach surrounding the Big Mac bridge in Mackinaw City.  There is always something to see where the straits of Mackinac blend Lake Michigan and Lake Huron.  You can actually see the colors of the two lakes blending together!

Come to the shore for a lovely, warm weekend...we are having a VERY "warm" summer.  But if you live in Michigan and you haven't been to the beach this summer, what are you waiting for...time is wasting, and life is sweet in Michigan!

Have a great day and keep checking out  for some upcoming party recipes that I will be posting!