Friday, September 9, 2011

Mapping out the Great Lakes State

If you don't live in Michigan, you may not realize that Michigan is actually made up of two peninsulas. The Lower Peninsula is shaped similar to a left-handed mitten, which can be spotted on any map, glove or from outer space. If you get creative, the Upper Peninsula is shaped like your right hand--palm down, thumb pointed down, pinky slightly separated and placed just slightly above and to the left of the mitten. (That's how we do it at school!)

The Lower Peninsula is connected to Indiana and Ohio, but the Upper Peninsula touches Wisconsin and Minnesota.  And although they all touch the Great Lakes, Michigan is called the "Great Lakes State".

Of course we are surrounded on three sides by the largest group of fresh water basins in the world, but Lake Ontario does not touch Michigan.  There is an easy way to remember the names of Great Lakes--H.O.M.E.S., which stands for Lakes Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie and Superior. 

Everyone should have an opportunity to dip their toes in the most beautiful fresh water in the world, even though it might be an icy cold dip!  If you don't love multiple shades of exotic blue water and gorgeous sandy beaches that seem to go on forever, then maybe I can interest you in one of our 11,000 inland lakes that are perfect for swimming, boating, skiing and simply viewing.

Come join us in the Great Lakes state because "Life is sweet in Michigan"!

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  1. I've never heard of the "HOMES" acronym before--I learned somethin' new!