Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sweet Vacation Part 5

Nine years ago, today October 5th, 2002, my little sister, Do and J were married on Mackinac Island.  Now, all of our family vacations to the Mackinac area must include a trip to the island.  We were all excited about this trip to the island, because we had purchased tickets for specific destinations in advance.  We had planned to return from the Soo in time to make the 10:30 a.m. ferry on Sheplers to the island.  All was going well, we were at the dock by 10:00 a.m. with our tickets, except for one minor was raining steadily!

We were prepared with rain slickers, umbrellas and hats, but it was just really wet!  The one disappointment was that this particular ferry trip was going to take us under the bridge before going on to the island.  However, it was too windy and foggy to go under the bridge that day!  Oh well, we still had big plans and a little water won't stop these Michiganians!

We decided to walk around for a while before having some lunch and heading up to Fort Mackinac, but Do and J had their own agenda for our "walk".  They led us down Main St. past the "painted ladies", which are the beautiful Victorian mansions and hotels along this street.  It became apparent to us quickly that we were headed to Mission Church, where Do and J were married on that perfect autumn day. 

When we arrived at the church it wasn't going to be open to the public for another 15 minutes, so Do and J decided to simply stand on the steps and renew their wedding vows!

Here is the happy couple outside Mission Church...
Awww...aren't they sweet?
Happy Anniversary, Do and J!
More about Mackinac Island tomorrow...and "fudgies" -- Life is oh so sweet in Michigan!

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